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Whether you want to achieve your dream skin or to address your skin concerns, our clinic produce RESULTS YOU’LL LOVE!

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Urvashi Gupta Audit
13:06 04 Dec 19
I had my first ever facial at Dr Dream Australia recently. I tried out the rose stem cell facial and I still cannot believe how smooth my skin is. The therapists are well-versed in different skin types and concerns and it was really comforting to see how well they understood my skin and what it needs. Special thanks to Joanne and Shan for being so patient, professional and open!
សេង សឺហា
01:07 03 Dec 19
I’m very happy with my experience at Dr Dream! My therapist Joanne is very helpful and she knows my skin best. After every treatment I give her my feedback and she listens to my feedback to make sure every treatment is a more enjoyable treatment with results. Thank you!
Jen Chiu
23:08 30 Nov 19
Loved my experience here, staff are so knowledgeable and helpful with advice. Can't wait to be back, they are very results-driven with high quality skincare products.
Linh Nguyen
23:21 29 Nov 19
I have problems with my adult acne for a while and been to see so many doctor, dermatologist, not really see the improvement. I have seen Dr.Dream for few months and see a big improvement. I’m very happy with result so far Staff is friendly staff, professional, polite and honest. Highly recommend if anyone having any problems with their skin should make a booking and see if Dr. Dream because they will help you which treatmen can suit you.Thanks to the Dr.Dream
Marine Tan yan
12:46 27 Nov 19
I got a stem rose facial and afterwards my skin was super smooth and we'll exfoliated. My forehead bumps were gone too! And I felt super moisturised. I would definitely recommend Dr Dream clinic; the staff were super friendly
Chi Phan
05:45 27 Nov 19
Professional service and great customer service and results. Highly recommended.
Thanh Nguyen
03:56 24 Nov 19
Nhân viên vô cùng thân thiện và dễ thương. Làm da tốt hơn lúc mới đến và giảm nám rõ rệt. Đặc biệt là Ramona giải thích chi tiết cặn kẽ rõ ràng. Mình đã giới thiệu em gái mình tới để làm da
RO Akram
05:37 23 Nov 19
Try dr dream, it will change ur life and give u confident on urself .
Ruchi Louise
06:11 21 Nov 19
I recently went in to the clinic and had the Rose Stem Cell facial and it’s such good value. Joanne, my beauty therapist, was so kind and knowledge. Overall, my skin was glowing, so soft and flawless. Absolutely recommend this place!
Phạm Phú Hương
06:05 16 Nov 19
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always happy and smiling making me feel welcomed. I love using the Dr.dream products and the treatments are very worthwhile. Thank you Dr.dream for everything.
Helen Pham
06:04 16 Nov 19
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Always happy and smiling making me feel welcomed. I love using the Dr.dream products and the treatments are very worthwhile. Thank you Dr.dream for everything.
Kim Nguyen
08:13 13 Nov 19
I used to have acne but since I discovered this place, my skin has been so much better and I feel more confident. The staff is very friendly and helpful especially Joanne. She was amazing :) Highly recommenced this place for those who have pigmentations and acne.
Judith Park
05:43 11 Nov 19
dr.dream Australia are experts in the industry. Their devices, skincare and service and far superior to any other clinic I’ve been to. They definitely live up to the premium label. If you are looking for results go to dr.dream!! Looking forward to my next appointment 😍
Jiwon Lee
05:43 11 Nov 19
I’ve been going to other skin clinics for a while and haven’t been able to find the best one for my Asian skin type until a friend referred me to dr.dream Australia.I’m amazed with the service and the genuine care they put into each client. Everything is personalised and tailored and I honestly cannot be more pleased with my skin now. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering from skin concerns!!
Jamila Jamila
04:29 11 Nov 19
I love dream, and friendly staff, really satisfied with the product, I highly recomend
Simee Naz
04:28 11 Nov 19
it the best place ever for your skin if you want to any kind of treatment then have visit definitely you will get the best results
Charmaign Anciano
10:29 10 Nov 19
I had such an amazing experience at Dr Dream. I went for the Rose Stem Facial using the Dr Dream Rose products. I struggle with really dry and dull skin and honestly I’ve used so many products out there and am just not happy with it. I saw amazing results after just getting a facial done. My skin felt so moisturised, radiant and smooth. I’ve never loved my skin this much before. I had Joanne as my therapist and she is great and knowledgeable and very informative during the whole process. Overall, a great experience and highly recommend the products and services! You won’t be disappointed 😊
Gomathi R Gowda
01:20 08 Nov 19
The staff at dr dream clinic Richmond are amazing, friendly & Joanne the gorgeous lady is very knowledgeable in the treatments and products i’ve seen improvements in my skin, I highly recommended dr dream to those who have issues with pigmentation.
Sobia Siddiqi
00:55 07 Nov 19
Highly recommended. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Thanh Ha Tran
04:32 06 Nov 19
Absolutely one of my fav clinic ever. I used to have a lot of acne and my skin was so terrible since then and the result after 7 months with Dr. Dream is amazing to me. And the staff here are experienced and very friendly (especially Joanne, like you a lot😊). Thank you for give me such a great experience.
Zaf Bhaukaurally
06:04 03 Nov 19
Ramona is the best 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Highly recommended ❤️
Daniel Raul
04:55 02 Nov 19
What a wonderful experience I’ve had at the Dr dream laser clinic! The most amazing,friendly and knowledgeable staff have been truly professional in every aspect of what they do! From the consultation right through to the procedures and after-care is second to none ! Also their knowledge in the products which I have purchased and the quality of the products are by far the best I’ve tried! Dr dream laser clinic has given me a lot of confidence and when you see the results you go back for more! (And over the period of time I have been to the clinic I have definitely seen results) I would definitely recommend Dr dream laser clinic to anyone that feels like they need to improve their overall look tone,texture and above all confidence.One consultation is all it takes no pressure, just great knowledge and professionalism and above all friendly service is what you will get..... 🎯✔️✔️✔️🙌🏽
Natalie Wang
01:09 01 Nov 19
The staff at dr dream are amazing, Ramona is AMAZING, she's so knowledgeable in the treatments and product recommendations. I have seen a massive improvement on my skin and would definitely recommend Dr Dream to anyone that has skin issues.
Cindy Dang
07:02 31 Oct 19
Can’t recommend Dr Dream enough! From initial consultation through to after care, they are with you every step of the way on your new skin journey. Shout out to Ramona who helped me achieve the skin of my dreams!
Viki Ho
23:56 26 Oct 19
The staff at dr dream are amazing, Ramona is very knowledgable in the treatments and products. I’ve seen great improvement in my skin already with just her product recommendations and just one treatment.
Viki Ho
23:54 26 Oct 19
Very professional service and staff are knowledgeable and thorough. Great customer service and results. Highly recommended.
Rz Jaff
01:40 21 Oct 19
I highly recommend Dr. Dream clinic for the treatments and the products. Good customer service. 👌🙂
Rachel Choo
02:14 19 Oct 19
Excellent customer service and very friendly staff. My skin has improved since coming to dr dream. Am glad Ive discovered them. Highly recommended.
Anajo ESy
06:36 17 Oct 19
I bought Dr Dream products and used it according to the instructions. I noticed difference on my face and I kept using it and im happy with the result. I want to thank Ramona for her holistic approach.She is a true professional who is highly experienced in her field.
Kriciyana Krishna
13:40 08 Sep 19
I recently visited the clinic, and went through treatment for facial pigmentations. The result is awesome after treatment and m over the moon wid the result. Staff are really so, friendly, welcoming, and supportive. Thank you both of you for staying back for me. Really recommend for Asian skin and will definitely recommend my friends. Big thank you for the team.
Huỳnh NgọcT
21:53 08 Aug 19
Excellent service with friendly and professional staff. I have used their foundation and it is light yet has great coverage with a natural touch. It doesn’t cause irritation and has sunscreen protection.
Shalen N Kavita Dutt
00:37 17 Jul 19
Best result orientation for all skin problems. had best experience during my treatment and staffs are well train and have very good of the best experience..
chandu koti
07:10 07 Jul 19
Highly recommend,i had seen very good result in every sitting, Very friendly staff, Danica did great job in my case.Thanks.
Ma Shwe
07:12 30 Jun 19
Highly recommend. Good staff and excellent service
sui malay
07:11 30 Jun 19
Highly recommend treatments at Dr Dream. Friendly and good staff and service
Clara Cheng
09:19 27 Jun 19
Great service and skin treatment at dr dream . My skin is looking much better and younger. Thanks Dr Dream
Poy Page
07:19 24 Jun 19
As I aged, i developed a hyperpigmentation. I tried different treatment and skin product from different clinic but I didn't get the result i was hoping for. I asked a colleague of mine what skin clinic she goes to as she has a very nice skin. she then told me that she goes to Dr Dream and told me about her experience and what was her skin issue/s. she said she also suffered from hyperpigmentation which are common for asian aging women. I couldn't see any trace of hyperpigmentation with her skin now so i took a chance. i never looked back since.I highly recommend Dr Dream, the service is good and the ladies though very young are very knowledgeable of what treatment and product that is best suited for your skin type. Joanne, Shelly, Shanese are mostly the ones who handles me. They will walk you through every step of the way as they performed the treatment so you don't get any surprise whats going on.
I came in today not knowing much about the LED light & I’m thrilled to see how glowing my skin is. The girls are very knowledgeable & so polite & helpful. I will be a regular at the Sunshine clinic from now on.
Sylvia Leuzzi
02:00 03 Jun 19
I really enjoyed the treatments I highly recommend them as I’ve seen an incredible difference on my skin. Danica was very helpful and very thorough with explaining to me how the led light works.
Flower Dao
04:19 02 Jun 19
thank you to danica & celina for your friendly service and honesty. loving my results. 😘😘🤩
tan phan
06:47 26 May 19
I would highly recommended this place, I love my skin at the moment even though it’s in the middle of the process but it’s so relaxing 😌 during the laser treatment.And love all of the staff members here.
Anita Shrees Khattri
07:00 23 May 19
Excellent service. Staff are so friendly and very nice ,and the products are amazing to use so i want to come back again for more treatment 😊 5 🌟
Cherry Pie
09:07 18 May 19
Great Experience!!I had a very good experience throughout the process of my "Dream Formula" treatment at the clinic. The result was amazing. The products are great. My skin looks much brighter and it make me looks younger too. The staffs were really helpful and friendly. I would definitely go back for any other treatment.
Angelina Vo
00:50 18 May 19
Excellent service. Love it. I did here lots of times and love the work done
Weili Wong
10:14 13 Apr 19
I’ve had acne scarring since I was a teen. I’ve tried a few things but decided to consistently invest time and money in fixing it once and for all last year. A combination of multiple treatments (gold toning, 3D RF, needling, resurfacing) and I can already see definite improvement. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is possible with future treatments. Thanks Dr Dream and the amazing team of ladies for working so closely with me to prescribe treatments that are just right for my skin and goals!
Roop S Sid
09:43 13 Mar 19
Hi highly recommend Dr dream laser clinic to those people who really suffers from there skin problems, the products are amazing to use and staffs are so professional and polite ❤️✌🏻👍🏻
Mariam Magdi
23:29 13 Feb 19
I used to have acne and left big red scars on my face, I saw Dr Anla for consultation and she recommended a treatment plan for my skin. 5 months later I have a very bright glowy skin that everyone compliments me about. I will have my second treatment package to maintain this glow. Thanks dr dream for al what you’ve done to me
Huong Nguyen
08:01 11 Feb 19
Love this place, friendly and nice!! Coming back for more treatments! 5star!
Yvi Ivy
02:25 10 Feb 19
I highly recommend DR. Dream Australia in Sunshine. I did 5 HEALITE treatments for Rosacea Acne and I already see the good result. Also, the recommended products that I'm using right now helps me to have clearer skin. Good job to the rest of the team and thank you for helping me and gaining confidence again.
rida jafari
01:26 06 Feb 19
Highly recommend this clinic to anyone that has skin concerns.great products and beautiful supportive staff 👌🙂
Alia Ahmadi
00:36 06 Feb 19
I highly recommend Dr. dream laser clinic to anyone, great products and great customer service. Did 6 laser treatment already great result😱
Suman Hazara
00:04 06 Feb 19
I would highly recommend Dr.Dream laser clinic to anyone. Great customer service and the products are amazing🙂 I did 6 laser treatments for pigmentation already i see the difference😱
Tosca Melchior
21:42 18 Jan 19
I highly recommend Dr. Dream to anyone who has long-been excruciatingly suffering acne! I have had active acne for over a decade (ever since my early teenage years), and was recently recommended to see Anla and her Dream Team. Anla kindly provided me with a tailored course of action and suggested a series of treatments to treat both my acne and scarring during a consultation in which she charged no fees at all! Ever since my first treatment and using all the products Anla recommended, along with a carefully planned skin regime she designed, I have seen a drastic difference to my skin!! My face has cleared up so much as my acne was controlled, to the point where I actually experience no more breakouts!! I only wish I saw her sooner, so if you are thinking about it, don’t delay!! Unlike other beauty clinics out there, what differentiates Dr. Dream is the mere fact they do not offer a ‘one fits for all’ acne treatment package but caters and performs skin checks every time you visit in order to see the progression of the acne and bases the treatments accordingly to the status and condition of the skin at that point in time. Also, the therapists I have seen are all professionally trained and are highly passionate about what they do, and above all, they are extremely friendly & are highly attentive to all my questions and needs!! Thanks a MILLION to you Anla, and to your Dream Team!! Thank you very much for bringing out the best version of myself!!
Gabrielle Gao
07:41 10 Jan 19
Staffs are very beautiful, very kind and the environment is clean and make me feel relax. Recommended by my girlfriend.
Tina Saharan
00:48 06 Jan 19
I have had couple of treatments already, the staff are friendly and have product knowledge, will post an update once I’m done with the full treatments.
Debbie Bebie Adanza
08:49 29 Dec 18
The last two years I started to develop malasma as well as pigmentation on my face. I did tried Other treatments locally nothing seems to be working. I’ve found Dr. Dream on Facebook contacted them on messenger and went for free consultation. Then I went for the treatment with them. All i can say is wow the transformation I am indeed a very happy client. And the service is amazing very helpful and very friendly staff. Thank you Dr. Dream.highly recommended. You have to do it, see it, and believe it🙏🙏🙏
Nicole Ristic
00:38 21 Dec 18
The owner is a beautiful person and they give you 110% service .
Nắng Chiều
04:37 20 Dec 18
I visited this clinic and happy with the treatment they has given.
Dependi Bharati
06:32 18 Dec 18
Excellent service and good staffs
Violet Yuen
00:16 08 Dec 18
I love going back to Essendon laser clinic for my ongoing skin treatment. Excellent customer service and caring staff especially Ms Danica Yu. ❤
Gurmeet Singh Gill
08:39 03 Dec 18
They are really good and professional I got fantastic results after having my treatment. Anla always try to give you best advice according to your problem. I am happy client and feel worth spending my money with them thanks Dr Dreams team sunshine
Lisa Pham
11:45 13 Nov 18
Highly recommended.I had laser and my skin is now perfect 👌 Thank you Dr Dream
Kelly Lor
05:39 12 Nov 18
I had a laser treatment at dr dream essendon. There very good service. Danica's very nice and friendly. My skin better and better now. I love the service here. 😊👍🏼
Luciana Silva
23:45 01 Nov 18
best place for women's our men's skin treatment. excellent customer servicesi also had the pleasure to meet the owner of the clinic. Shes an amazing lady full of knowledge and thanks for sharing your history with me.I'm so happy with my treatment now i can see results.thanks Dr dream.
Crystelle Kabluyen
01:52 01 Nov 18
...I so love Dr.Dream Clinic even at first try.So happy with the owner and staff,I think I just found who'll take care of my skin better after trying every recommendations of friends and families.
Elisha Truong
11:19 08 Oct 18
E muon booking ? khi nao dc chi?
Lisa Long
10:04 23 Sep 18
Dr dream is great for woman’s who wants to look beautiful. Staff is so nice and their clinic is new. They take care of everyone .
Huỳnh Phi Tiễn
11:50 19 Aug 18
I am an acne sufferer for over 15 years! And as a professional singer this problem has been very depressing to live with.On this recent national tour to Australia, I decided to visit Anla and her team at Dr Dream Australia.Over the course of just 3 weeks, I have seen that the active acne is controlled (no new breakouts), my skin becomes brighter, less heat and feeling like new skin is regenerated.The treatment program is a combination of chemical peel, laser, LED Therapy plus hyaluronic serum injection and using the products recommended by the specialist.I am very happy with the results.Thank you Anla for your advice and recommended solution to fix my problem. And I cannot wait to come back (I already bought my ticket back to Australia for this!) for my second course of treatment and I cannot wait to have my dream skin!
Alison Ip
04:02 19 Aug 18
Have been with Dr Dream for over a year now and been very happy with their service. This is the place their treatments actually works. Staff is friendly and helpful providing you with professional advice to suit your needs. Can’t thank them enough to bring my confidence back. Surely recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you Anla and the team.
Huỳnh Phi Tiễn
02:38 16 Aug 18
I am an acne sufferer for over 15 years! And as a professional singer this problem has been very depressing to live with.On this recent national tour to Australia, I decided to visit Anla and her team at Dr Dream Australia.Over the course of just 3 weeks, I have seen that the active acne is controlled (no new breakouts), my skin becomes brighter, less heat and feeling like new skin is regenerated.The treatment program is a combination of chemical peel, laser, LED Therapy plus hyaluronic serum injection and using the products recommended by the specialist.I am very happy with the results.Thank you Anla for your advice and recommended solution to fix my problem. And I cannot wait to come back (I already bought my ticket back to Australia for this!) for my second course of treatment and I cannot wait to have my dream skin!
Abhi Shehzaad
05:53 13 Aug 18
I had referrals from friends and family about their Pigmentation Pack had booked in for a consultation while I had a lot of concerns and questions they listened and answered all of them in detail. They did not disappoint as my experience at Dr Dream Sunshine was excellent, staffs were amazing and they listened to all my concerns from start to end. Very Happy Customer.
Danny Hwang
02:45 05 Aug 18
A few years ago, I began to notice acne forming all over my face. I tried using many products that were prescribed by the GP and pharmacists. These products temporarily decreased the size of my pimples however dehydrated my skin, made it more sensitive and failed to completely remove them. As time went by, the pimples never disappeared and they only began to spread further. It was then I was introduced to Dr Dream laser clinic. What they did to my skin was beyond incredible. They were able to remove pimples that were not only visible on the surface but also those that were below my skin. My skin texture has improved as well as my tone and my acne is all gone! To control my post acne redness on my cheeks and forehead I’ve been doing gold toning every week. My redness has finally subsided and their lovely therapists have helped me through every step to get to this point. I am extremely happy with the results and I highly recommend dr dream to those who have issues with acne! Looking forward to my next appointment thank you dr. dream 🙂
Thoa Tran
06:57 04 Aug 18
I had pigmentation when I first came in and I have done multiple treatments for the past few months. I am amazed and over joyed with my results. The staff and the treatments have been the best and I’m very grateful how well they have taken care of me. I highly recommend this clinic to those who have pigmentation or skin concerns. It’s well worth it .
Violet Yuen
05:23 04 Aug 18
I had my 2nd Ruvy Touch at Essendon two weeks ago and I am very happy with the results. My pigmentation is all gone now. �
Leng Yee
12:43 05 Jul 18
Great skin products and friendly team. Highly recommended!
Laiman Li
12:33 05 Jul 18
Really appreciate the way how Anla takes care of her customers and keeps on improving their great quality of service. Great team! Thank you all.
Thida Moeun
05:05 30 Jun 18
I've had melasma/pigmentation for many years. I have been doing treatments for a couple of months at dr.dream Richmond with Anla Tan and her team they have really looked after me and I have now achieved amazing results and am really happy.
Donna Marie David
23:20 22 Jun 18
Am glad to discover that Dr. Dream Skin clinic had opened in Richmond, I don’t mind driving for 2 hours to get my procedure done because it is all worth it. When I first visited Dr. Dream Skin Clinic my facial skin condition was at it’s worst state, since getting a tailored procedure that best suits my skin problem I have seen excellent result that even my partner is noticing the result every day. Dr. Dream Skin Clinic provides range of treatments that best fitted with your lifestyle. I was given options to expedite a good result however because of my busy schedule I can’t afford the downtime of some treatments and am happy have a procedure that is helping my skin problem at the same time not interfering with my work schedule. I have tried different skin clinics, most of them provide expensive procedures but with my experience I had minimal results whilst in Dr. Dream Skin clinic the money that I have spent was all worth it, reasonable price for excellent result. Highly recommended �����
Huong Nguyen
04:07 21 Jun 18
Toi da su Dung qua Dich Vu Dr.dream ve tri lieu laser .toning tuyet doi Rat an toan va hieu qua .Cach Phuc Khach hang an can va chu dao
Bhuma Thapa
06:49 28 May 18
Friendly staffs and excellent treatment. Highly recommended!!
Charisse Ongoco
08:09 21 May 18
So much love for Anla and the whole team! They honestly go above and beyond to make sure your skin is the best it can possible be � so so grateful �
Uma Tiwari
05:36 15 May 18
My face is getting glow day by day.First of all thanks lot to Anla and Danica for ur special consultation & care.All the team care is highly appreciated . Thanks dr. Dream Essendon.
Anna Nguyen
08:46 10 May 18
Dr Dream is the reason why now I have good skin again. When I was growing up I never had acne, but just last year I developed adult acne and I tried everything, nothing worked!! The only thing that worked was seeing Anla and the team and I can promise you she knows exactly what she is talking about and whatever your skin problem, she will be able to help you. I can’t believe that now my skin is smooth again and it was so bumpy and pimply!!! If you’ve tried everything and are frustrated because nothing works call Dr Dream!!
Ngô Mỹ Linh
05:43 10 May 18
I am an acne sufferer for over 2 years! I am very happy with the results.Thank you Anla and Sunshine team for your advice and recommended solution to fix my problem.
Rowena Sepac
22:27 04 May 18
6 months ago my face had developed some type of allergic reaction, lots of redness and inflammation. I went to have a consultation two weeks ago commenced heatlite treatment right away. Two and a half weeks, the inflammation/redness has reduced significantly. Anla is very knowledgeable with the products and treatments. Thank you Anla for always taking the time with me to check and see how I am going each visit.
Xu Ni Chan
01:38 03 May 18
My skin looks stunning and brightening after I have done Pigmentation treatment at Dr Dream clinic Sunshine. Friendly and helpful staff. Highly appreciated this Clinic.
Đặng Văn Năm
13:46 05 Apr 18
Chuc co van sự như ý gia dinh hạnh phúc �
Vinia Baculo
03:37 05 Apr 18
I'm happy and I keep coming back for my facial treatment. This is really affordable.
Allana Parkes
03:05 05 Apr 18
Dr dream sunshine clinic have very polite and professional staff there who are very accommodating and helpful with appointments and the treatments they do. Highly recommend.
I am very thankful that Dr Dream Australia has arrived in Richmond. It was easy for me to make an appointment and able to have procedure done.I was able to see immediate results after the first treatment. Dr Dream Australia has the skills and bedside manner that are truly exceptional. Her staff complements the overall experience as well. I am extremely grateful to have found Dr Dream Australia and her staff. I was apprehensive about the laser treatment before, but no more. Thank you!
Ak Jan
13:37 01 Apr 18
Jassi Maan
01:41 28 Mar 18
Fatme Saleh
00:02 26 Mar 18
Enjoyed the treatment and the results were very good! Amazing staff at the clinic! Special thank you to Danica at Essendon Clinic for looking after me and my friend
Zoe Heron
01:11 25 Mar 18
I have been coming to Dr. Dream for a while and have seen amazing results. My skin has gotten clearer and more lively. Highly recommend to people who feel uncomfortable about their skin. I promise you, you will not regret coming here!
Sutinee Suntivatana
08:51 19 Mar 18
Highly recommended. I have problems with my adult acne for almost 2 years and been to see so many doctor, dermatologist, Chinese medicine etc. not really see the improvement. I have seen Dr.Dream for one month. I’m very happy with result so far (my session should be about 2-3 months) friendly staff and professional, polite and honest. Highly recommend if anyone having problems with their skin should make a booking and see if Dr. Dream can recommend you a session that suit you. Thanks to the Dr.Dream and team keep up the wonderful work
Colin Chou
08:14 08 Mar 18
So great and amazing.
Lyn Castillo
05:39 07 Mar 18
Just had a very relaxing time with Jenny and took care of my face this afternoon. Very professionals staff.I highly recommend to all the ladies to go to one of their locations! Had also the privileged of meeting the beautiful lady boss - Anla. Thank you for taking time to talk to me.
Romina Naseri
01:41 22 Feb 18
I’ve started treatment a year ago and really happy with the results since I’ve got nervous of ota and it’s extremely hard to get rid of but Dr dream Anla is really trying her best to help me out and I’m really thankful of her which I honestly can’t thank her enough. Staff are amazing,beautiful and friendly. Anla is my life saver she’s so friendly & caring.Dr dream is one of the No1 skin clinic in Australia I would recommend for everyone. And I would love to thank Kim for doing my treatment.
Sunny Duong
06:51 18 Feb 18
I have been using the Medik 8 Dark Circle Cream for the last 5 months and I've never been so happy with the effectiveness of a cream for dark circles. It instantly conceals the darkness under my eyes and decreases the puffiness. I had to come back and review the product. I struggle with heavy eye bags and dark circles on a regular basis, I would strongly recommend this product for anyone experiencing the same issue. Very excited to try other products and services. Thank you Dr Dream!
Wendy Nguyen
02:24 31 Jan 18
Sheima Shiryar
04:42 24 Jan 18
I have seen Dr Dream and it’s my second week in using products and started treatment so far I’m happy hoping to see end result excited staff are extremely professional, polite and caring fantastic service highly recommend anyone wanting to investment in having glowing skin which is No 1. Thanks to the Dr.Dream and team keep up the fantastic work
Nunu Maqbool
04:15 13 Jan 18
I found Dr dream Amla to be honest, professional, caring, knowledgeable and extremely kind. She has certainly won my loyalty, had my first laser session today, so pleased, skin feels really soft �. If you are looking for honest, personalised, treatments that offer results then I would would highly recommend Dr Dream Services. Looking forward to my family and friends seeing the results of laser treatments for Melasma on my face �
Indira Caldera
21:36 10 Jan 18
Love the treatment, I received, microdermabrasion & another treatment. My therapist was really good, Thank u Kim, and thank you Ana, owner , who decide what good for me, I am looking forward to my next treatment.
MyNa Nguyen
10:03 25 Dec 17
Very good
Seeta Pun
07:03 14 Dec 17
Samuel Chee
11:23 02 Dec 17
Before visiting Dr. Dream, I didn't have a good idea as to what good skin should look like or feel like. My first consultation opened my eyes as to how much skincare matters. I underwent a microdermabrasion session, and the difference in that 1-hour session was extremely noticeable. Ever since then, I've been using Dr Dream's cleanser as well as moisturiser, and I can't imagine a life without their products! Highly recommended due to their amazing customer service and unbeatable skincare products.
Yaser N Nora
21:27 30 Nov 17
You will never regret to visit Dr. Dream Australia laser's the best clinic i have ever been to.. Dr dream Anla looks after every single patient for best treatment...The staff is very helpful and friendly...i promise once you visit them you can't stop yourself because of their best products and treatments.. I really thank all member in dream who looked after my skin �
Phuong Truong
01:37 20 Nov 17
Ni Yanny
06:51 19 Nov 17
Hana Benita Wendrato
03:19 30 Oct 17
I really like the service! My skin has become much healthier compare to before, and I like how the workers gave advices how to treat my skin daily, and I can tell you they're care about individual patient skin .
Ngoc Chau Nguyen
04:03 28 Oct 17
I got my 3D Needling done and it is absolutely amazing for my skin. The service is very professional, staff is friendly. Highly for everyone.
Vinh Royal
02:15 28 Oct 17
I'm very happy with dr. dream blemish treatments. The service is very friendly and professional. Thank you dr. dream for bringing my confidence back. I would highly recommend to everyone. :)
Ngọc Yuri
11:56 20 Oct 17
Aish Choudhry
01:33 07 Oct 17
I got my carbon peel done. It’s absolute swear by procedure for skin. I could see the glow and brightening in my skin instantly. The staff is super friendly and helpful. Anla Tan gives you the feeling from the minute u step into the office as she got you and she is gonna make your skin look flawless n I have booked few appointments in advance to reach to the skin goals for my big day. I could not trust anyone but her. Hands down �
Deryll Naidoo
19:56 26 Sep 17
We love the advice and expert support from their found der @[554320851387862:Anla Tan]. If you want great medical grade skincare treatments pop in and see her. She is amazing.
Rebeca Threlfall
02:31 16 Sep 17
Fast response to enquiries, very helpful and friendly staff! I've had a deep and quite large scar in the middle of my forehead caused by shingles which was always visible and people commented on it all the time. Thanks to Dr Dream, this scar is now barely visible and I'm only 4 treatments in- a few more and the scar will only be a memory!
Kimberley Patel
12:36 10 Sep 17
I can't thank Dr Dream enough for changing my skin. I was so self conscious and had the worst breakouts I had ever experienced. Nothing I did seemed to fix it until I visited Dr Dream. Their staff was amazing and knew exactly what I needed to do to get my skin looking it's best. After several heal light treatments my skin is looking better and brighter than ever with my acne disappeared. It has given me a new found confidence with my skin and I can't thank the team enough. Highly recommend for anyone suffering with acne or any other skin issues. Their advice on treatments and lifestyle habits are extremely helpful. Thank you Dr Dream!
Medina Mujezin
05:44 03 Sep 17
Theresa Caruana Ellul
00:56 01 Sep 17
Lili Ha
02:48 30 Aug 17
I am very satisfied and happy with Dr.Dream. Friendly, nicely and enthusiasm services and giving me a great Skin Consultation/Consultations. Thank you very much Anla Tan and Jenny for servicing me. Specifically I just had done 1 treatment only and now my skin reduce the redness very clearly.
15:06 26 Aug 17
Nicole Nayna
01:51 26 Aug 17
I'm very happy with dr. dream services and I highly recommend to everyone! The service is very friendly and professional and I think it's the best, I really advise anyone with any skin problems to come here and get the skin they've always wanted! I did needling and the results are amazing! I can't wait for my next treatment!
Harleen Sidhu
06:29 20 Aug 17
Dr dream is the best clinic ever staff is very helpful and the owner of Dr dream #Anla look after every single patient for best treatment.. worth it to go there if you hav any type of skin problem... you will never are in the safe hands, I really thankful #Anla #dr dream #kim #tu bro thank you so much to look after me...
Breanna Mcmahon
07:54 16 Aug 17
Highly recommend Dr. Dream Australia, I love coming to get treatments done, you notice amazing results! The staff is always so friendly and recommend the best for my skin! Thanks so much Anla and the team. ��
Mezz Joanne
11:00 09 Aug 17
I would love to thank Dr dream and all the staff members that helped with my latest treatment . Anla I want you to know I think you’re doing a wonderful job. You made me feel safe, cared for, and comfortable. Thanks for your warmth, humor, care, and attention. I would highly recommend Dr Dream to everyone
Alyona Pak
08:34 24 Jul 17
Aiden Galea
06:37 07 Jul 17
Couldn't be happier with the whole team at Dr Dream! I would highly recommend Dr Dream to anyone who has struggled with other laser clinics in the past and is looking for a clinic that can deliver fantastic results using only the most cutting edge technology. All of the staff here treat you like family and were more than happy to answer any of the questions that i had during the consultation. THANK YOU DR DREAM!!!
NatCo Wang
02:57 05 Jul 17
Just did laser today. Love the result . Dr Anla was very professional and very honest. Will definitely come back again for another laser .
Aston Martini
10:32 26 Jun 17
Results speak for themselves! - Great work Dr Dream 😄
Erica Mcmahon
10:20 26 Jun 17
The staff is always friendly & helpful, always go above & beyond. Exceptional service great advise & fabulous results. Great work Dr Dream!! Highly recommend to everyone.
Quy Nguyen
09:54 26 Jun 17
Lưu Việt Hùng
08:32 26 Jun 17
Dr.Dream is No.1.I love dr.Dream alot. From bottom of my heart i want to say tks ms.Anla ( Dr.Dream) for all. Now i'm happy with my skin.My face look young more than my Age...hehehehe. I believe Dr.Dream. how about u? Same....
Mai Thanh Son
08:24 26 Jun 17
Amazing service and products ... my skin got so much better after just 2 visit to the clinic ... 5 stars rating all the way from USA
Ali Reza
09:29 24 Jun 17
Huệ Hồ
02:40 21 Jun 17
Staffs are very nice. The technology and the skincare being used are very high standard and can feel a difference in my skin after 1 treatment.
Phan Diệp
09:56 19 Apr 17
Kevin Yim
05:51 06 Apr 17
Amazing experience and results! Extremely clean and friendly staff, I recommend this place highly for those who have skin issues such as scarring and acne like myself or want to enhance their appearance. The treatments are highly effective after a number of treatments and I feel more confident in my own skin thanks to Dr Dream. Thank you to Anla and the team.
Tenille Morén
08:45 21 Mar 17
Highly recommend � Amazing ladies, amazing service! I left feeling like a new woman! Thank-you dr dream! �
Hidayatunnur Othman
09:22 19 Mar 17
Jac Dempsey
05:09 13 Mar 17
Just had the microdermabrasion by far the best I've ever had �️ I went to Sunshine Clinic super friendly staff highly recommended �
Ivy Vu
05:56 01 Mar 17
Such amazing service!!! I did the first facial treatment today with Dr. Dream. After just ine treatment, I could see a BIG change in my skin. In addition, the staff were welcoming and professional. Cant wait until my next appointment. Thank you to the team who made me feel special, your service is the best!!!
Yasin Auss
02:55 28 Jan 17
Kevin Kosasih
03:54 26 Jan 17
Naz Ali
02:49 26 Jan 17
Rabiya Shahbaz
09:07 01 Jan 17
Rajiv Gowtham
11:41 03 Dec 16
Simi Kandra
00:54 25 Nov 16
Just wow and amazing. Dr. Dream made me feel beautiful and confident again. All my concerns were addressed and looked after and helped me to feel confident and great again. Anla is so amazing n wonderful and she puts her 200 percent effort to help you. The staff is superb and so friendly. I feel lucky that I found you Anla and your Dr Dream and I would highly recommend it. Go guys get your dreams come true at Dr. Dream....Jasanpreet
Mona Monica
11:29 23 Nov 16
Yakha Bimu
05:30 14 Nov 16
Qaali Cadeey
10:30 04 Nov 16
Duy Triệu
11:33 24 Oct 16
Amazing and professional service. Definitely recommend
Mer Ianne
02:15 13 Oct 16
Maviş Köz
06:53 12 Oct 16
Nav Sandhu
16:11 30 Sep 16
I had a great experience with dr.dream clinic. With the very first facial I can see the difference. Can't wait to get more�� Thanku so much
Monica Dong
08:14 21 Sep 16
I had the most wonderful experience with Dr. Dream yesterday. The staff were professional, genuine and welcoming. After just one treatment (I had microdermabrasion and LED therapy) I could already see a HUGE difference in the overall appearance of my skin. It was my first facial and I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere. I'm counting down the days until my next appointment. Thank you to the team who made me feel special, your service is second to none!
Monique Nguyen
06:54 20 Sep 16
I had the microdermabrasion and LED therapy and both treatments were fantastic! The Essendon team were so lovely and made my first time experience so comfortable and stress free. The consultation itself was so helpful as I was able to learn a few more things about my skin. Overall, excellent service! No complaints whatsoever.
Nga Pham
16:28 01 Sep 16
Rashi Singh Thakuri
04:55 26 Aug 16
The results are very satisfying for the mole laser treatment that I did a week ago and the prices are also affordable. I can already see the changes in my skin and the way i wanted it to be.The customer services are great as well, and with 100% attention on you... Only if I knew about Dr Dreams before then my life would have been much more happier and sorted by now, however later it is m getting there. Thanks to Dr dream and Kim.Really appreciate your effort for my happiness. ��
Trang Pinky
13:44 22 Aug 16
Cam on chi Anla da gioi thieu san pham dr. dream toi em. San pham tuyet voi ko che vao dau duoc
Local Boy Ranjith
05:41 10 Aug 16
Arif Nazari
06:23 31 May 16
Rachel Lowden
11:51 21 May 16
What an amazing experience!! All the staff were so welcoming and kind at the appointment today. I didn't feel like I was 'just another client,' the treatment was personalised which made me feel extremely comfortable and confident. I'm looking forward to my skin only getting better and healthier from here onwards. Thank you so much Dr. Dream Australia!!
Lilia Tran
01:22 21 May 16
I absolutely love this place for their outstanding service, treatments and products! Everyone is very nice, friendly and generous and ensures that you are satisfied with your treatments. For someone with acne I have found their products very effective without making your skin really dry and flaky. My confidence has improved thanks to Anla and her team :)
I love the ultimate microdermabrasion facial treatment! Felt the difference on the first session. My skin now looks healthy and hydrated! Looking forward to my next appointment. Thanks to all the lovely staff of Dr Dream!
Tanveer Iqbal
17:04 05 May 16
All the treatment is been spectacular my wife totally satisfy with it
Tori Lee
01:16 23 Apr 16
After leaving my first appointment I was completely amazed at the care and how professionally everything was done. After just one treatment and some samples of products my skin feels completely different and I'm so happy. My partner even mentioned how nice my face looked today. I can't wait for my next appointment! Thank you so much! I was extremely inspired by your passion.
Rose Black
08:35 02 Feb 16
Anla Tan
15:35 30 May 15
Maria Hua
22:56 30 Mar 14

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