I’m so excited that our Essendon clinic is now open and helping more people achieve the fabulous-looking skin that they deserve.

The grand opening on the 1st and 2nd of August was just amazing – more than I expected.

It went fantastically well. Having the expert surgeon Dr Yoo here from Korea for two days was a special treat for us but also quite an experience for local patients.

He worked very hard with our own local doctors while he was here and they did a lot of consultations in less than two days.

The turnout was phenomenal; beyond my imagination. At one stage, we couldn’t move inside the clinic – the first day we couldn’t move by lunchtime. That’s how jam packed it was, and everyone was extremely enthusiastic.

As you can imagine, the staff were absolutely thrilled to see their new workplace getting off to such an encouraging and positive start. No doubt the fact that we gave away some fantastic prizes also helped raise the level of excitement!

Of course, with two clinics now it’s even more than just doubling our capacity, with more room and more facilities to treat more patients. We’re able to take care of so many more people, people who perhaps would not have come to St Albans, so I feel as if we have really spread our wings.

We’re not just expanding because it’s in a business plan, either. We are definitely expanding because of the demand, and in fact we’re negotiating to open a clinic in Sydney.

People already come to Melbourne from Sydney and far and wide to see us.

Everyone is a bit different and I find that different patients have different expectations, but I think as soon as they see how much we care and how much time I am willing to put in to working out what’s right for their skin, they quickly trust that we will help them.

At the same time, patients feel very confident seeing that I am treating myself, as well.

I get so much satisfaction from every patient who comes in, sometimes unsure about what we can do for them, but always leaving with a whole new outlook.

While we definitely help people get fabulous-looking skin, we also give them improved health and greater self-confidence, so it’s very rewarding to be working in a business that can be so transformative and have such a powerful, positive effect on people.

Anla Tan is the founding Director of dr. dream Australia. She looks forward to meeting and caring for each patient.

Should you need any further information, feel free to contact Anla at any time.

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