At dr. dream we love helping people improve their skin and enhance their natural beauty … but we can’t help people who don’t know about us. We’re very happy that we have a great following on Facebook and that many new patients hear about us from others. Word of mouth recommendations are certainly very valuable.

Of course, many of us find things we need by searching online, and most use Google to search for things. Five or six months ago , when I told my business partner that we were ranked fourth for our key search, she thought we should be happy with that, or maybe we should try to lock down third place, but I said “No. We have to get to number one. We have to make the effort and serve more customers.”.

I didn’t have that aim to feed my ego or just to be able to boast about it. I knew that ranking number one would mean that we were reaching more people, doing more good and helping more people. The top ranking is a result of working hard and doing well; it’s a measure of overall success. I feel that it’s an achievement dr. dream shares with every patient. It’s because of them.

I think it’s a good thing and an admirable trait – in both your professional and personal life – to be results driven, because if you do strive to do the very best in everything you do and to get the best possible results, people will respect that and the recognition that follows will be fully deserved. It isn’t in my nature to be satisfied with something that is just okay, or even good. I always want better.

Even though trying to get to number one was part of the drive to succeed – an added motivation – it doesn’t mean that we stop working so hard now that we have achieved that level of recognition. In fact, we need to work even harder to stay at the top and keep ahead of the rest.

The other great thing about achieving the number one ranking is that it proves that big things are possible when you put your heart and mind into reaching a goal. Believing that we can do great things is a part of me which means that it’s also a part of the culture of dr. dream, and something we can genuinely offer to every patient.

I have always had that approach but it’s interesting that since I had my car accident five months ago, which resulted in head and facial injuries, I feel that I am even more motivated and committed to helping others, because I truly am walking in their shoes.

I know exactly how it feels to need treatment on your face, and how it makes you feel when you have a skin problem that you really want to treat, repair, and overcome. I know how it can make you feel sad and affect your self-esteem and confidence.

We can’t guarantee what the results will be in every case, but we can promise that we will try very hard and truly care about you. I think when patients can see how determined we are to help them, it gives them more confidence and makes them just as determined to do whatever it takes and to put in the time and effort to work with us toward a successful outcome.

Anla Tan is the founding Director of dr. dream Australia. She looks forward to meeting and caring for each patient.

Should you need any further information, feel free to contact Anla at any time. 

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