Quite a lot of the people who come to see us at dr. dream Australia have no idea what we can really do for them and what the treatment might involve.

Sure, they see what we post about our treatments on Facebook and see that in a very positive light: it gives them confidence that we have nothing to hide and are very upfront about what we do.

It also gives people a certain expectation, but perhaps not completely aligned with the reality.

Everyone probably thinks only about the treatment itself, especially when they do have a skin problem and want to have it fixed.

But I believe that achieving the ultimate beautiful skin is more than just the treatment and so I coach them on diet and lifestyle, too.

People don’t understand their skin, but once I explain things to them and suggest that they spend two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night doing things that will help, they start to realise that there’s more to it than sitting in a chair at a clinic and getting a treatment.

For example if a smoker comes in, I tell them “If you can cut down just a little bit, you will notice the difference in your skin”.

I’m very happy about what happened with a recent client, who told me she smoked about a pack a day. I asked her if she could cut down by just one cigarette a day when we started the treatment.

She came in the other day and said “Anla, I have cut down 10 cigarettes a day and I’m so happy”.

That makes me very happy too. I’m not asking for a miracle … it’s your life and your choice but you are spending money on the treatment so why not try to help yourself.

That’s the important thing. I always ask myself “what else can we do to achieve the best possible skin?” and then take the time to work that out, for each individual.

A lady who had treatment elsewhere came in and I spent about an hour with her and I had to tell her that the treatment she had already had had damaged her skin.

I explained to her: “I’m going to take it very slowly” because I could see how upset she was and I knew that she needed to feel even more cared for.

Someone who comes in to see us at dr. dream has to commit to their time over a period of months, so the least we can do is give them enough time to process it all and feel very comfortable.

Most importantly, you have to understand their skin first, so everything takes time.

Other clinics don’t spend much time – other than just come in, sit down, get treated, pay and go – because time is money.

People are surprised that we start consulting and understanding their skin and working out a treatment without even talking about cost, let alone charging them.

It’s not all about dollars and cents. I couldn’t treat patients like they’re a number, like some places do, because I wouldn’t be happy if they didn’t get the treatment that works for them and the results they want.

So patients who come to us do feel they have been pampered and cared for, from the first minute to the last … in fact, even after they’ve finished treatment they still come in for a chat!

Anla Tan is the founding Director of dr. dream Australia. She looks forward to meeting and caring for each patient.

Should you need any further information, feel free to contact Anla at any time.

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