Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels at the dr. dream clinic

It’s time to see your dream come true. Chemical, lactic, glycolic or salicylic peels can significantly improve problems with blemishes, scars, pigmentation, texture and signs of ageing.

Lactic Peel

One of the gentlest peels, a lactic peel is a great ‘starter peel’ for first-time clients who have sensitive skin. It improves the complexion of dull skin and softens expression lines and very superficial wrinkles. This moisturising treatment is ideal for lightening pigmentation and age spots.

Glycolic Peel

Glycolic peels improve uneven skin tone by softening fine expression lines and superficial wrinkles. They are also effective in reducing skin breakouts. A glycolic peel produces a noticeably more youthful appearance with minimal down time.

Salicylic Peel

A salicylic peel generates the formation of collagen and is recommended for pimples, blackheads, clogged pores, and oily and congested skin. In pigmented skin there should be a significant improvement, with no risks of hyper pigmentation.

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chemical peel
chemical peel

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