SRS Remodelling System

SRS Remodelling System at the dr. dream clinic

dr. dream’s Skin Remodelling System™ targets the underlying problems associated with ageing skin and scarring. It promotes collagen growth, tones muscles and tightens skin for youthful looking skin that lasts.

SRS treatments:

Stimulate cell renewal and the growth of new healthy skin, activate neo-collagen production restoring volume and elasticity to the skin while plumping wrinkles. Relax dynamic lines erasing the areas of facial expression such as crow’s feet, worry lines and lip wrinkles. Tighten the skin to a youthful smoothness and tautness, restore muscle tone by redefining the facial contour, lifting the cheeks and tightening the jawline and neck.

Premium SRS

This highly effective treatment starts with cleansing and face massage and the SRS infusion system and is followed with LED therapy and a dr. dream mask. To finish, we apply selected dr. dream skin care products to leave your skin lifted and rejuvenated for the youthful look you desire.

SRS Hands Express Treatment

Wave goodbye to saggy hands with this speedy Skin Remodelling System™ treatment. Treatment includes cleansing, SRS and our dr. dream hand mask for silky smooth, younger looking hands.

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srs remodelling system
srs remodelling system

Gallery of before and after SRS Remodelling System treatments

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