Laser Face Resurfacing

Laser Face Resurfacing at the dr. dream clinics

Laser Face Resurfacing

This precision laser resurfacing treatment removes skin layer by layer, reducing wrinkles, blemishes and scars to reveal tighter, younger looking skin and a smoother complexion.

Laser Face Resurfacing is a great choice if you are concerned about pigmentation, scarring or the effects of ageing on your skin. This treatment stimulates healthy collagen production which diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The new skin cells that form during healing give a tighter, smoother surface, which evens out your skin tone and improves scarring and pigmentation to achieve impressive results.

Shining Peel

This gentle peeling technique stimulates collagen remodelling by delivering precise amounts of laser energy to the skin, without immediate ablation of the epidermis. Shining Peel decreases the chance of PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) since the outside layer of the skin is kept intact during treatment, and the outer epidermal layer will gradually slough off. It revitalises the youthful appearance of skin.

Lip Tint

This treatment softens fine lines and wrinkles, and helps to stimulate new collagen. This gives your lips and the surrounding area a natural plumped youthful appearance. The procedure is gentle and soothing. There is no downtime and the results are astonishing after three treatments.

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laser face resurfacing
laser face resurfacing

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