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Spectra Peel

Also known as the ‘Hollywood Peel’, this is a popular no downtime laser treatment that leaves your skin feeling invigorated with reduced pore size, uniform skin colouration as well as aiding blemishes and oily skin. Spectra Peel is a gentle procedure that is safe on most skin types and also a great way to get a quick skin refresher without the longer downtime associated with other laser procedures. The laser energy works in two ways. First it gently targets the melanin (pigmentation) in the cells breaking it up for your body’s natural removal processes. Next it warms the dermis, causing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen. Because the treatment is gentle, multiple passes are needed in order to obtain optimal results.

It benefits skin suffering from:



-Dull skin tone

-Enlarged pores

How many treatments will I need?

Depending on the individual case, a number of the same treatment or a combination of other treatments with Spectra Peel may be needed. Your laser technician will customise a treatment plan for you after assessing your skin.

What can I expect during the treatment?

The treated area is thoroughly cleansed and a carbon lotion will be applied evenly and allowed to dry. Your eyes are then covered with protective goggles. The carbon lotion is then gently heated using the laser allowing the lotion to penetrate into the pores. A second laser setting is then used to vaporise the carbon taking away the superficial outer layer of dead skin cells whilst simultaneously cleaning and shrinking pores. Due to the thermal effect, the growth of connective tissue increases while the carbon particles exfoliate the skin and purge the skin pores.

You will feel some warmth and a tingling sensation. The use of topical anaesthetic cream is not needed.

How long is the downtime?

There is no downtime although you may observe mild redness right after treatment which will resolve within a 48-72 hours. You can return to normal activities immediately after treatment.

When can I start to see results?

You may begin to see an improvement after a series of treatments. Excess oil production, blemishes and dull skin is reduced over time, promoting a healthier skin tone.

How long will my results last?

Results can be long lasting especially when aftercare instructions, correct skincare and ongoing sun protection are strictly adhered to.

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