Spectra Peel

Spectra Peel at the dr. dream clinics

Spectra Peel

Also known as the ‘Hollywood Peel’, this is a popular laser treatment that helps with skin rejuvenation and the appearance of aging skin with NO DOWNTIME.

The Spectra Laser Peel involves applying carbon lotion onto the face and then using laser energy to rejuvenate your skin gently and effectively. This laser peel treatment visibly improves uneven pigment, controls acne and oil production.

Spectra Peel also stimulates healthy collagen production to leave you with improved overall skin tone and a glowing, youthful-looking complexion. We recommend 6-8 treatments for visible improvements to the skin.


Evening out skin tone and texture

Reduce the appearance of pigment

Acne scars


Oil production

Fine lines

Stimulates collagen

Pore size



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