Ha densimatrix is a concentrated treatment with hyaluronic acid that provides the skin with a moisturising, antiaging, repulping and filling action.

      • Combines hyaluronic acid in several molecular forms to provide, stimulate and protect its presence in key skin layers.
      • Protects hyaluronic acid from degradation and blocks free radicals to prevent skin ageing.
      • Promotes collagen and elastin synthesis to provide firmness and elasticity to tissues and correct wrinkles.


Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a predominant component of the extracellular matrix, the space between skin cells that conditions their status and functionality.

HA levels are key to ensure essential skin functions and biomechanical properties: elasticity and plasticity.The role of some intrinsic (age) and extrinsic factors (sun, environmental factors, stress) reduces the presence of HA in the skin, worsening the quality of HA synthesised naturally and speeding up its degradation, which results in a loss of hydration, elasticity, tissue atrophy and appearance of wrinkles.


      • Ascorbic acid: The pure vitamin C present in the formula provides high antioxidant protection by neutralising the free radicals that cause oxidation. It helps to increase collagen synthesis in the skin, improving its elasticity and firmness, and giving it a brighter and more uniform tone.
      • Protech-cell Complex: An exclusive complex combining the known antioxidant benefits of alpha-tocopherol with the multiple properties of an innovative active ingredient. The result is an advanced antioxidant action, protecting the skin lipids and boosting protection against oxidation caused by infrared radiation and visible light.
      • Ferulic acid: This helps prevent oxidative stress caused by external attacks, and enhances protection of the fibroblasts


      • Apply 4-5 drops on a cream and dry skin
      • Procede with your usual anti-ageing or sunscreen treatment.
      • For a daily protection against external aggresions, apply each morning before your daily cream.
      • For an intensive action, apply each morning and evening.
      • To maximize the effect, procede with the treatment for 4 weeks.

Contents: 30ml

Expiration: Use within 12 months of opening


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