13 Skin Care Resolutions for the Year 2017

Sometimes even women who follow a strict beauty regimen tend to miss out on important skin care habits. Sleeping with makeup on, skimping on sunscreen and failing to visit a skin clinic for a regular checkup are just some of the most common errors that a lot of people are guilty of.

Simple as it may seem, but a single mistake can actually cause problems that can take a toll on your skin. And for sure, as you welcome a new year, you’d want to leave behind the bad habits that do nothing but bring damages to your skin.

It’s time for a change! To help you jumpstart your skin care resolution, here are 13 essential skincare routine that you should make a habit in 2017.

1. Never go to bed with your makeup on

Admit it, you know this rule by heart. But there are times when all you want is to go straight to your bed, totally forgetting the importance of getting rid of your makeup before dosing off to sleep–this is when problems start.

Zits are formed when makeup is mixed with skin oil and dirt. Moreover, cosmetics can wreak havoc on your skin. According to Zoe Draelos, a dermatology professor from the Duke University School of Medicine, cosmetics can trap free radicals that float in the air which can cause skin damage.

Make it a habit to wash your face as soon as you get home. No matter how tempting it is to head straight to your bed after a long day, spending a few minutes to cleanse your face would make a huge difference.

2. Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Clean your makeup brushes regularly

Leaving your makeup brushes and sponge makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria build up. This can cause skin irritation and can aggravate acne. Ideally, you should clean your tools weekly, but if you can’t maintain a weekly clean up, do it monthly. Use mild hand soap or baby shampoo to clean your brushes and sponge. And make sure to rinse and dry it thoroughly.

3. Drink enough water

Drinking water keeps our skin moisturised and plump. That’s why, if you want fresh looking skin, keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water. Don’t wait to feel thirsty before replenishing with water.

 Eat healthy

4. Eat healthy, but give in to your cravings from time to time!

Eating clean means turning your back away from food that can snatch the radiant glow off your skin. But you can do this without being too hard on yourself. Make this habit easier to stick with by letting yourself indulge in comfort foods from time to time.

5. Take your vitamins

Skin health is visible from inside out. Certainly what you take in will be reflected on your skin. Getting the necessary nutritional supplements will improve your health and reflect overall wellness. There are nutrients that you may not get from the foods you eat and can be provided through daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

Getting the recommended amount of vitamins is a key to having a flawless and plump skin. Vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and K are among the essentials that will help you achieve a beautiful complexion.

6. Refresh your makeup stash regularly Refresh your makeup stash regularly

It is not smart to hoard makeups and be mindful of expiration dates. Make it a habit to clear out old and expired makeup every 3 months. There’s no reason to hold on to anything that can cause more damage than bring benefits to your skin.

7. Never go out in the sun without sunscreen

Summer or winter, you need sunscreen to protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays. UV rays are the number one cause of premature skin ageing, dark circles and pigmentation. You need sunscreen on a daily basis to get rid of these beauty problems. As a tip, try choosing a broad spectrum sunscreen, with SPF 30++.

Follow a skincare routine8. Follow a skincare routine

This coming 2017, commit to a safe and effective skincare routine. Keep your skin free of dirt, oil and cosmetics by following a cleanser-toner routine. A good cleanser is the very foundation of your skincare routine, so you better invest yourself in this. Try Hydramemory Deep Cleansing Foam for deep and safe cleansing. Follow up your cleanser with a good toner like Pore Refining Toner which works by effectively removing oil and dirt residue.

9. Use moisturiser after showering

Your skin’s natural oils are stripped off after a warm shower and no matter how tedious it may seem to be, you should never skimp on applying moisturisers like face creams and body lotions as soon as you finish taking a bath, as replacements for the oils that your skin has lost.

Ideally, moisturisers must be applied while the skin is still damp or 10 minutes after the water has been turned off. According to Francesca Fusco, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, “If you wait, skin starts losing water vapor”.

To make this practice simpler to adhere with, keep a body lotion in the shower room to be reminded all the time about the importance of moisturising after a shower.

10. Sleep on clean pillowcases and bed linen Sleep on clean pillowcases and bed linen

The skin sheds dead skin cells as you sleep, creating a breeding ground for moulds and bacteria which can irritate the skin. Maintain healthy skin by making it a habit to replace bed sheets and pillowcases on a weekly basis–or even twice when necessary.

11. Make your phone bacteria-free

You may not be too conscious of the mobile devices that you normally place against your skin, when in fact they accumulate an inconceivable amount of bacteria that can cause skin problems. To disinfect your phone and prevent the spread of viruses, make it a habit to use antibacterial wipes that should leave your devices squeaky clean.

12. Be a smart shopper

It pays to be smart especially when shopping for beauty and skincare products. Always do your research and read product reviews before purchasing items that you haven’t tested before. Learn from the experiences of other customers to get an idea about how a certain product works. Want to get more advantage? Grab items at huge discounts during seasonal sales!

13. Look your best all the time

Finally, make it a resolution to always look your best this 2017 and even in the coming years! Does it mean investing in luxury makeup and branded clothing? Of course not! Look your best every single day by paying more attention to your needs and staying true to yourself. This way you’ll look and feel good no matter what the situation may be.

Ready for 2017? Make sure that these skin care resolutions will guide you in establishing a regular routine that will bring out your skin’s most beautiful glow.

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