5 Tips to Prep Your Skin for the Spring Racing Festival

It’s time to be beautiful and stand out among the crowd. However, during this event, you are often exposed to the sun’s harmful rays while at the track side. And this will not only ruin your look but can damage your skin as well.

To keep your skin looking fresh while enjoying the carnival, follow these simple tips.

1. Exfoliate

Always a vital part of a skincare routine is exfoliation. Exfoliation does not only remove dead skin cells and the dirts that may clog your pores but it also improves your circulation. This will help in exuding a more youthful glow.

2. Moisturize & Hydrate

You want your skin to stay fresh and moisturized. A well hydrated and moisturized skin is the foundation of fresh looking skin and good complexion. Splurge on a facial serum. This product penetrates your skin deeper than moisturizers do. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

3. Enliven Your Tired Sagging Eyes

Dark circles and puffy eyes are a common beauty problem of virtually everyone. It is the number one reason why you look tired, gloomy or grumpy. You can try home remedies like applying avocado slices or tea bags soaked in warm water under your eyes. And one thing that you should always remember is to avoid too much sun exposure and wear sunscreen.

4. Don’t Forget Sunscreen

You will most likely be exposed to too much sun at the trackside. Even when you are wearing a wide brim hat, your skin is losing the battle against the sun’s harmful rays. Put on sunscreen all over your exposed skin and right before wearing your foundation. Always choose a broad spectrum sunscreen so you are protected against UVA and UVB rays. For the face, opt for facial sun cream to avoid chalky white look.

5. Facial Treatment

Did you know that you can reveal a smoother and younger layer of your skin with mild, safe and effective chemical peel? Glycolic Peel is a mild and safe procedure to remove the blemished, wrinkled and damaged layer of your skin to reveal the more youthful and smoother one. It is recommended to indulge yourself in this facial treatment a couple of weeks before exposing yourself under the sun.

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