dr.dream Australia has an offer you can’t afford to miss.

Join us at one of our three locations for a Dream VIP Night and take advantage of huge discounts – up to 50% off – on our AMAZING treatments and products.

Everyone is welcome!

No bookings are needed! However, it would be great if you can let us know you’ll be coming, so we can always reserve limited products just for you!

You can, of course, just come along on the night at that specific location

  • At dr. dream Sunshine
  • At dr. dream Richmond
  • At dr. dream Essendon

Each Dream VIP Night goes for three hours, from 5.30 to 8.30pm, giving you plenty of time to fit us into your busy schedule.

What’s in store

We won’t be performing any treatments on the night, but you can book in for future laser, non-laser or injectable treatments at heavily-discounted prices, or buy your favourite skincare products, which will all be available at 25% off.

Just as importantly, we’ll have all staff on deck to assess your skin condition and any issues you might be concerned about and recommend the appropriate treatment and/or products.

It’s a perfect opportunity to get the right advice and get started with your skincare and treatment plan!

We know skin, and a free, no-obligation assessment with a dr. dream consultant is the best way for you to understand your skin and how best to look after it.

Your skin needs extra care for winter

We’ll treat you like a VIP on the night, so you can give your skin the VIP treatment it needs for the colder winter months.

Not only is your skin put under more stress by the cold weather, it can be quite dried out by the heated air indoors.

There won’t be a better opportunity for you to find out what products and creams would be best for your skin type to keep it refreshed, hydrated and healthy throughout winter.

We’re here to listen

Our consultants have seen all types of skin issues and conditions and heard all sorts of questions, so whatever your concern is, come in and talk to our staff to get the right advice.

Then, if you decide to take us up on our recommendations, you can buy discounted products or book in for the massively discounted treatments that will work for you.

You won’t get a better chance to start achieving your DREAM skin!

We promise you’ll feel like a VIP

You’ll be listened to, your skin will be looked at, you’ll feel looked after, and you can either leave with some of our amazing dr. dream skincare products or be booked in for a fabulous and effective treatment that’s appropriate for your skin.

We know skin, which means we can help you better understand your skin concerns so you can care for it well.

Your skin deserves the VIP treatment.

I look forward to seeing you

dr. dream Australia

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