Beauty Game Plan: Achieving Great Skin Few Weeks before Christmas

The Aussie Yuletide season is almost here.

Sure you don’t want to look dull and wasted in your holiday pictures. Here’s a beauty game plan to achieve great skin for Christmas.

Your 1 Month Beauty Game Plan:

4 Weeks to go

Use Deep Cleanser

As skincare products take time to reveal results, you have to start early in preparing your skin for the holiday. Deep yet gentle cleansers are important all year round. Cleansers should be an integral part of your beauty regimen, as it blocks the long term effects of daily make-up and dirt.

Feed skin with Serum

After cleansing, the next best thing to do is apply serum. Serums are applied right after cleanser and before moisturiser. Serum effectively delivers active ingredients deep to the skin and targets skin concerns like dark spots, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Although a bit pricey, it is worth every buck.

3 Weeks to go

Target skin problems with Retinol Cream (plus sunscreen)

The third week is the best time to apply some active ingredients onto your skin aside from serum.
Use retinol cream to effectively improve fine lines, skin darkening and age spots. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen whenever you use retinol-based skincare products.

Apply Exfoliating cream

Use light exfoliating cream to gently remove dead skin cells, smoothen your skin, and absorb skin care products like retinol and antioxidant serums more easily. Your pores tighten and you get clearer complexion when you use light exfoliating cream.

2 Weeks to go

Use Chemical Exfoliation instead of Scrub

On the second week, add chemical exfoliation to your beauty regimen. Use chemical exfoliant over exfoliating scrub as it is gentler to the skin and more controllable, achieving uniform depth of the peel. Remember, whenever you exfoliate, or use retinol-based products as mentioned above, protect your skin with sunscreen.

Reveal Youthful glow with Glycolic Peel

You can also opt for a professional help in exfoliating your skin. Glycolic peel is a mild treatment to combat signs of ageing. It is an effective exfoliation treatment that uses glycolic acid–the active ingredient in chemical exfoliant–to lift the younger and more youthful complexion hidden just beneath your skin. Know more about Glycolic Peels.

1 Week

Book in a Facial Treatment

A week before the big day, book in for a facial treatment with no to minimal downtime. Top all your beauty regimen with safe and quick skin rejuvenation procedure such as LED Therapy. It is a popular choice to improve wrinkles, fade scars, and controlling skin irritation.

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