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I feel blessed to have made so many lifelong friends through dr. dream. It’s my business, but it’s also my personal mission to give people the gift of great skin. It means as much to me as it does to every patient.

That’s because I was a patient first and I understand the emotions involved, the concerns that you might have, the worries and doubts, and the need to feel looked after when you are undergoing clinical treatment. I truly have walked in your shoes.

It’s also because nothing gives me greater joy than seeing the positive results.

I’m not alone at dr. dream Australia, with many of my staff having been patients too. Some people say they stand behind whatever they are selling, but we have stood in front of it, too!

When I discovered dr. dream and had my own treatment, it was very much one of those moments that a light was switched on, and a new path for my life was suddenly illuminated.

“Why isn’t this available in Australia?” I wondered. I knew there were so many people that could be helped, whose lives could be improved.

I admit that at the time I wasn’t really sure the shape or scope of what I was embarking upon, but I knew that I was ready to become part of something very special.

When I brought dr. dream to Australia, in 2012, it was initially just the skin care products, but I had an idea of setting up a clinic with maybe 10 laser treatment machines.

In 2015, I opened that clinic, in St Albans, and people started coming in to see us. But since that first day, the scope of what we do has evolved very naturally, because more and more people started coming in with more and more different skin problems.

So the more we looked at what each patient needed, the more we broadened our treatments and improved our techniques, to the point where before long we could confidently – and proudly – call ourselves skin specialists.

Not a day goes by without us looking at something different, which is what I believe really sets us apart. We are a medical clinic that treats patients for medical conditions, but with a “beauty spa” sensibility.

“Getting a facial” from dr. dream is something quite special. It’s not pampering for short-term satisfaction. We truly change lives when we provide a treatment that solves someone’s skin problem.

We know, because we do see it day after day, that everyone’s skin is a little bit different, which is why we take the time to understand the patient and his or her lifestyle, as well as looking at their skin. That allows us to tailor a treatment that we are confident suits each person.

It takes time to do something the right way, but it’s worth it. And we must be doing something right, because dr. dream Australia is going from strength to strength, which I am very grateful for.

It’s so exciting that only around nine months after opening the first clinic, we are opening a second one, in Essendon, on August 1. It’s exciting that we’ll be able to help more people and change even more lives in a new location.

Come see us and find out how achievable naturally beautiful skin is.

Anla Tan is the founding Director of dr. dream Australia. She looks forward to meeting and caring for each patient.

Should you need any further information, feel free to contact Anla at any time. 

dr. dream Australia

2 thoughts on “Let dr. dream change your life

  1. Giang says:

    Thank you Chị Anla. I still remember the day i first met you chi…how dull my skin look…I am now proud and confident to say that Dr Dream skin products do wonders and I would never trade my Anla Foundation for anybother foundation Chị…thanks a million…

    • Donna says:

      Thank you so much Thien Giang for coming in to see me. I’m so glad to hear that you are loving the result of our products. Please come into the clinic when you are free, so we could share our experiences to achieve a more natural healthy looking skin.

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